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Tips for Summer Skin Beauty - Create a Transparent Bright White Skin!

Tips for Summer Skin Beauty - Create a Transparent Bright White Skin!

The weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid, and you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays when you go out on the street. Sitting in the air-conditioning room for a long time after returning to work can easily dry out the moisture in your skin. The following will introduce the daily habits of summer and the points that need to be paid attention to in skin care which helps create transparent jelly skin from the outside to the outside!

【Inner health】

Tip #1 Muscle nourishing diet

Summer is the time to take care of the heart and blood circulation system, especially the eating habits of Hong Kong people who are used to eating out and drinking cold hand-cranked drinks. Starting with diet can make the effect of skin care products more obvious~

  • Avoid excessive consumption of raw and cold food
    "The lungs govern the skin and hair, and damage the exterior and interior": Cold drinking can damage the lungs, which can easily cause pore opening and closing disorders. Avoiding cold drinks can help shrink pores.
    "Stop dampness inside" : In addition, raw and cold food can easily cause stagnation of spleen and stomach circulation and edema.

  • Summer seasonal soup "lowering lipids, improving eyesight, clearing blood and poison": "Burdock root honeysuckle osmanthus tea"
    Reconciling yin and yang, regulating the inner body can achieve beauty and detoxification! Among them, burdock root, honeysuckle, and sweet-scented osmanthus all clear away heat and detoxification, especially sweet-scented osmanthus can whiten and detoxify, and the fragrance is refreshing!

Tip #2 Detoxify and reduce edema

  • Detox Yoga: Detox Yoga
    Doing moderate exercise can help detoxification. This kind of yoga mainly involves stretching and turning the waist. It is more suitable for sis who have no exercise habits. Aerobic exercise can not only speed up metabolism, but also dilate pores and remove dirt and oil in the skin Let them out together.
  • Lymph Node Detox Massage
    Drinking raw and cold drinks in summer often causes edema all day long. Before training, massaging the following lymph nodes for 15 minutes can help to remove edema and detoxify!
Raise your left hand, first place your right thumb in the middle of your left armpit. Put the other four fingers behind the armpit, grasp the armpit and knead vigorously 10 times, and repeat the same action on the other side. This action can promote blood circulation in the shoulder and neck to remove toxins and reduce shoulder, neck and shoulder pain.

Large spleen:
First, apply massage oil on your hands, then make fists with both hands, and use the second knuckles to push upwards from the position above the knees, for at least ten times in a row. The strength can be strengthened on the inner thigh, and the second knuckle is used to push and press from bottom to top. This action can help drain away the moisture accumulated in the feet.


  • Drinking water detoxification method : remember to drink enough 2000mL of water every day, so that the body cells can metabolize normally, excrete waste in the body, and at the same time ensure that the skin is replenished with water at all times! Sis can also buy 1 liter water bottles or water glasses with straws to help themselves drink more water 㗎~

【External maintenance】

I believe that many people has a lot of skin troubles. Wearing a mask is hot and dry. You must also avoid acne and acne problems. If you want to take care of your skin, you can't be lazy. Starting from diet to maintain the body, the external skin needs to be strengthened with skin care products. Let’s take a look at some tips for summer skin care!

Tip #1 Choose the right skin care products
Sweating and oily in summer, during the epidemic period, you have to wear a mask all day long. There are so many bacteria in the street, you must pay more attention to cleaning! Especially in sis who often put on makeup on weekdays, the cosmetics will remain on the skin, accumulating on the skin for a long time will cause blackheads, acne and other pore-clogging problems, and will also hinder the skin from absorbing the nutrients of skin care products!

  • Frequency of exfoliation : recommended for oily skin: once a week; for dry/sensitive skin: once a week;
    Combination skin: 1 time in 2 weeks and focus on the parts with more oil. Avoiding damage to the skin's own skin barrier due to over-cleaning also depends on different products.

  • The best time for deep cleansing : When taking a shower, use steam to expand pores and apply a deep cleansing mask, which can help promote skin microcirculation and help pores remove toxins.

Tip #2 Summer Daily Moisturizing Checklist

After drinking enough water, the skin will look moist and clear, and get rid of dullness!
Correct daily moisturizing procedure : toner>essence>lotion/cream

  • Allow the skin to fully absorb : After applying the toner, wait until the skin is fully absorbed and apply the essence and lotion first. If not, the water and oil will be buried and the skin will be difficult to absorb!

  • Moisturize before oil control : some solutions sometimes even if you do enough oil control, the oil will continue to come out? The reason may lie in the imbalance of water and oil! After moisturizing, you must do a good job of locking water. Use a small amount of oil to lock the moisture in the cells. Moisturizing products with a gel-like or emulsion-like texture are the most suitable, and they will not dull the skin and increase the burden on the skin!
  • Wet compress to enhance bottom layer moisturizing : For dry skin, you can apply toner for about 5-15 minutes on certain areas that are prone to peeling and flakes, so as to relieve skin thirst and stabilize skin condition. Then apply lotion to strengthen the skin's water-locking power to prevent water from flowing away.
  • Reduce the burden on the skin : sweating in summer and wearing a mask, you should choose refreshing and thin moisturizing products. Common ingredients include: vitamin B3 and B5, hyaluronic acid, collagen and so on. Using too moisturizing products in summer will cause dark spots or oily spots, leading to acne breakouts.

Tip#3 If you want to whiten, you must first protect yourself from sunscreen!

For daily sun protection, only products below SPF50 and PA++ are sufficient. Sunscreen for outdoor activities SPF50 or above, PA+++ and waterproof sunscreen are suitable for outdoor or water activities. Note that the stronger the UV, the greater the burden on the skin.


md:ceuticals 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection™ SPF50+
(Instagram: @mdceuticals)

  • Low-sensitivity sunscreen ingredients : sis with sensitive skin can try physical sunscreen. When purchasing, the main ingredients can be titanium dioxide (Titanium Dioxide) and zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide).

This md:ceuticals full physical anti-oxidant sunscreen SPF 50+ 100% full physical sunscreen and PA++++ can block UVAI, UVAII and UVB ultraviolet rays, comprehensively protect skin cells, and the ingredients also contain vitamin E, B5, B3 to help anti-oxidation and sunscreen Can achieve repair regeneration and moisturizing!


iS Clinical Cleansing Complex (Instagram: @isclinical)

  • Sunscreen must remove makeup : Except for full chemical sunscreens, makeup needs to be removed and cleaned to prevent residual ingredients from clogging pores and causing dark particles.

This popular cleansing liquid iS Clinical Cleansing Complex contains centella asiatica and chamomile extracts, vitamins A and E, which can deeply cleanse hair follicles and moisturize while inhibiting acne bacteria!



Olecule Radiance C (Facebook: @Olecule)

  • The best whitening product "Vitamin C": Vitamin C is a weakly acidic super antioxidant that can help resist external environmental damage. You can apply it in the morning and evening, but remember to put on sunscreen after applying it in the morning!

This Vitamin C Essence contains 4 new medical natural whitening combinations (Alpha-Arbutin, Whitonyl, Cucumber, Glucosyl Hesperidin) powerful whitening ingredients to quickly inhibit melanin hyperplasia, promote metabolism, and restore skin firmness.


This summer may reduce going out due to the epidemic, so all sis should seize this opportunity to maintain their skin at home and work together to maintain beautiful skin from the inside out! I hope the above little tips can help you~

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