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Return Policy

Return/Exchange goods instructions and details

Elegant Beauty offers customers a "7 day return or exchange of goods guarantee", so that you can feel more assured while shopping. Guests can call for inquiry/reservation of return or exchange of goods within 7 days from receipt of the goods if problems are found or have the need. We will arrange for related matters.

Returnable products

  • When returning goods, the relevant gifts must be returned together and the goods must be kept intact.
  • The seven-day goods exchange guarantee applies to online shopping and any purchases made at Elegant Beauty.
  • All items sold in Elegant Beauty's online store or retail store must be exchanged in person at the branch store.

Non-returnable products

  • In order to protect the rights and interests of each customer, the following conditions or products will not accept the return service:
  • The loan has exceeded the specified delivery period of 7 days.
  • The product has been opened or has been used (e.g. packing tape or the box is torn off or the lid is twisted).
  • The product did not remain intact, was damaged, damaged or incomplete.
  • The product was deteriorating but was used over one-tenth of the original capacity.
  • The customer is allergic to the purchased product (the product is not suitable for the customers).
  • Any discount, clearance, or sale products with display of not accepting return or exchange.
  • Failed to provide a valid invoice from Elegant Beauty.
  • Any free gifts, accessories and sample gifts.

Product returns or exchange

  • Elegant Beauty's service attitude is professional and prudent. Orders are reviewed before delivery to ensure good product quality. Only long-distance delivery journeys may result in product spoilage, deterioration or damage. If your product is damaged at the time of receipt, please return the product in accordance with the "Guarantee for Return of Goods on the 7th."
  • Where the quantity of goods or goods received by the customer does not match the order, the shop can be notified within 7 days and we will verify the order. If we find out that this is due to the company's mistakes, we will arrange for a free replacement of the goods and be responsible for the return shipping costs.
  • We guarantee that all items sold by Elegant Beauty are genuine goods. If the customer finds that the goods may be deteriorating and requires a return, the company will send the goods back to the relevant manufacturer for inspection and verification. The general processing time is 6 weeks. If the identified product deteriorates, we are happy to accept returns, refunds or return services.


** Customers can only return or exchange goods once with the same invoice. Generally, refund services are not accepted.

**The 5% processing fee paid by customers during shopping is charged to PAYPAL or a credit card company. It is not an extra charge for the shop, so the refund is according to the actual refund amount**

Transaction complete

If an ordinary customer does not have any application for returning or exchanging goods within seven working days, it means that the goods transaction is completed. Elegant Beauty shall not assume any legal responsibility. No replacement or refund will be arranged thereafter.


  • Where the quality of the gifts and trials provided by the company does not assume any responsibility and does not provide replacement services.
  • In addition, the company will not assume any responsibility for any problems caused by the incorrect or improper use of the product.

The company reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel all offers or amend its terms and conditions without prior notice.

In case of any dispute, Elegant Beauty reserves the right to make the final decision.