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Facial Treatment


dermalogica was developed by the U.S. International Institute of Dermatology and is a diagnosis of the facial reflexology of eastern Chinese medicine.

Cosmetologists can use the unique skin analysis techniques of “Face MappingTM Face Image” to achieve professional skin care procedures and match the purpose of home care products.

Face MappingTM Face Image” divides the face and neck into 14 zones. Each zone represents the reflex zone of different organs of the body. The U.S. division uses mirror reflection and its professional knowledge to read and diagnose latently. Sexual skin problems. 






CANVAS Beauty Art

Inheriting the wisdom of the ancients, CANVAS created aromatherapy aesthetics to protect the essence of nature, induce natural beauty from inside to outside, and adhere to the "delineation of beauty from the muscles."

Skincare is a painting art.

CANVAS is convinced that the beauty and art are exactly the same. Instead of focusing on extraordinary technology, it lies in the creation of a perfect canvas - the root of beauty.

Talented natural muscles are buried with beautiful symbols. However, with the pollution of the atmosphere, the passage of time, and the loss of both body and mind, this mark has been silently faded and faded.




ELEMIS, a premium fragrance brand originating in the United Kingdom, uses natural plant extracts as the main ingredient, without adding any artificial flavours or colours.

These plants that have been bred from the natural environment have infinite vitality, a high degree of self-healing ability, and self-defence. The various plant extracts extracted from these plants have the extremely high affinity, and their pH is most similar to that of the skin and suitable to any skin. 


Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu introduces the complete knowledge of skin care and skin care inherited from the European continent. With the simple, natural, gentle, and effective skin care concept, coupled with delicate and delicate caring services, it has accumulated many star lovers in the American entertainment industry.

Elegant Beauty's well-designed Mario Badescu beauty treatment allows guests to experience the power of nature, increase the amount of oxygen stored in the skin, promote metabolism and enhance the skin's immune protection. In addition, we also take care of customers whose skin is affected by acne, effectively treating and purifying the skin problems caused by the imbalance of oil secretion.



Caviar essence collagen


Swiss Diana Dickson Caviar Collagen Treatment

Contains an unprecedented high concentration of caviar extract, is a beautiful treasure of beauty. Its caviar extract contains the most natural and effective anti-aging ingredients, helping to maintain the youthful beauty of the skin. It also contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, a small number of elements, unique bio-stimulators of seafood cells and DNA, can play an unprecedented anti-aging magic. 



Skincare experts at Institut Diana Dickson S.A. rely on scientific research to promote cellular energy and delay skin aging. The company continues to develop skin care regimens that “defy aging and extend youth”.

After the treatment of caviar essence collagen, we will create a professional skin beauty program---“Water•Oxygen•Live•Energy Treatment”

The Optimum Skin Energizer Programme enhances skin cell energy and promotes cell repair.

A professional Swiss treatment that tightens skin and reverses muscle age.

Olecule repairs different skin layers from the skin care concept from the outside to the inside, using top technology and medical formula to bring the active ingredients into the skin. Elegant Beauty introduces Olecule's targeted full-effect oxygen therapy to prevent skin damage and aging, instantly fills and reduces texture, strengthens deep hydration, repairs oxidized cellular proteins, and achieves antioxidant effects. Leaves skin radiant & radiant