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Aromatherapy Life Aesthetics Slow down and feel life

Aromatherapy Life Aesthetics  Slow down and feel life

What new things do you have at home every day to add color to your boring life? Why not start with aromatherapy, create your own small world, and create your own aesthetics of life! Fragrance can change the feeling, style and taste of a space, help you release the tight life pressure, and heal your body and mind.

Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from natural plants and mixed by distillation and cold pressing. The concentration is high, so it needs to be diluted for use. Different natural fragrances have different effects on the body, such as stabilizing emotions, purifying and antibacterial, and even caring for the skin. There are also many aromatherapy treatments in the market, using the most primitive and natural aromatherapy to relieve pain.


Below we will introduce to you the different effects and usage methods of common aromatherapy essential oils and the plant ingredients in them for our body, skin and emotions!


1. Improve sleep, relieve tension and anxiety

It is difficult to fall asleep at ordinary times, do you feel sleepy all day long? I believe that some aromatherapy will be one of the most used methods! Because some studies have pointed out that aromatherapy essential oils can promote the secretion of serotonin or dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which can help relieve stress, improve insomnia, anxiety, etc.
  • Common Botanicals: Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sweet Orange


Perfect Potion Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend : Contains compound essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and sweet orange to help you relax your mind and wake up your brain to feel completely rested. It is most suitable for you who want to sleep well~


2. Sterilize and deodorize, enhance immunity

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In addition to the tranquilizing effect, plants also have natural antibacterial and anti-toxin effects. In addition to the pursuit of aroma, it is very important to keep the space clean at all times and improve your immunity!
  • Common Botanicals: Tea Tree, Geranium, Lemongrass, Lavender, Sandalwood

Perfect Potion Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend : Contains eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, lemon and other compound essential oils, which have the effect of purifying the air, helping to refresh and enhance immunity to fight against respiratory diseases, thereby reducing sore throat and cough symptoms.


3. Remove edema and drain lymph


Anti-edema is also one of the most popular aromatherapy essential oils. Some aromatherapy essential oils can also be applied to the skin. Massage the essential oils into the skin faster through the heat of the palm of the hand. At the same time, it can tighten the skin and relieve muscle tension. Combined with acupoint massage to accelerate lymphatic circulation, detoxify and dehumidify, to achieve the effect of removing edema. Inhaling the aroma can help regulate hormones!
  • Common Botanicals: Grapefruit, Geranium, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli

Perfect Potion Positive Vibes Essential Oil Blend : Helps regulate hormones, balance sebum secretion, remove edema and detoxify, it’s best to drop two drops in the bath to relax~

How to use aromatherapy essential oils at home? There are 2 simple and easy-to-use methods below to recommend to everyone!


1. Diffuse method:


Diffuse is the most widely known and commonly used method. The combination of aromatherapy essential oils can be changed according to the different needs of the body and emotions in the morning and night. Use rattan branches, cotton swabs, etc. to absorb essential oils and distribute them. It is a fire-free aromatherapy. It is very safe and environmentally friendly to use, but the distribution range is relatively small, suitable for small spaces. The vine branches can be recycled and put in other storage spaces to drive away odors.


2. Aromatherapy spray machine:


There are not many USB aromatherapy sprayers on the market, which are safe and fire-free. Some aromatherapy machines even include a humidification function, which can help moisturize the skin no matter whether the air conditioner is turned on in summer or the dry environment is dry in winter. The aroma diffuser adopts the principle of atomization, so that the aroma can be diffused farther, and it is suitable for larger spaces than the diffuser bottle.
Just add 5-7 drops of compound essential oils and appropriate amount of water (depending on the model specification) to the aromatherapy sprayer each time.


3. Hand/foot/body bath:


It is also a kind of enjoyment to come to an aromatherapy bath SPA at home from time to time! It is especially suitable for sis who have rheumatic joint problems, varicose veins and want to get rid of edema in the feet. The heat expands the pores of the skin, absorbs the essence quickly and speeds up the blood circulation of the body, making the effect of essential oils on edema and lymphatic drainage more obvious. Compared with aromatherapy machines and diffusers, essential oils are used less and are durable. If the house does not have a bathtub, it can be replaced by a basin or bucket.

Aromatherapy essential oils cannot be directly dissolved in water. It should be mixed with unscented shower gel, plant base oil or essential oil emulsifier in circles in advance. Only 5-8 drops of essential oils are enough each time, and then add the prepared hot water You can enjoy the fragrant SPA in the middle of the day.


"Rest is to walk a longer distance." When you feel tired, you may wish to use the power of aromatherapy to temporarily lower the troubles of life! Slow down the breathing rhythm, concentrate on feeling the fragrance in the air, enjoy the quiet time alone, and talk to yourself in the depths of your soul!


*Note: Essential oils cannot be taken orally and avoid direct use of undiluted compound essential oils. Avoid the eye area when applying after dilution. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using essential oils during pregnancy.

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