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Three tips to Relax and Reduce Stress in Daily Life

 Three tips to Relax and Reduce Stress in Daily Life

People in Hong Kong are busy with work. There are so many deadlines that they will never see an end. Long-term stress is commonplace. When the pressure continues to accumulate but is not dealt with, the psychology will gradually affect the physiology, making our skin worse. In order to take good care of our skin, we must learn to relieve stress!

Tip 1. Abdominal Breathing Regularly Removes Stress from the Body and Mind

When we are in a state of stress and nervousness, our breathing will become short and irregular. Depending on the time, you can take a deep breath slowly through abdominal breathing exercises to relax your mind. Daily practice can also improve your ability to resist stress so that you will be able to withstand huge pressure!


1) Find a comfortable place to sit down, relax your body as much as possible, and close your eyes.

2) Breathe slowly

Gently put your hands on the navel, and try to breathe slowly through your nose and mouth. When inhaling, count 1, 2, 3 in your heart, as if BB is inhaling and his belly slowly swells up; similarly, when exhaling, count 1, 2, 3 in your heart, and his belly slowly expands at the same time back to the original position.

Do remember that the key point of this process is not how much air you inhale, but how slow you are! The depth of each person's breathing and the required pause time will vary due to their own lung capacity, so we just need to slow down during the process and focus on the activities of our belly.

3) Let the memory fragments emerge

During the process of breathing exercises, various fragments of life may appear in your mind, and some of them may even annoy you. it is okay.

4) Persist in daily practice

Each group of breathing exercises lasts for 5-10 minutes, and doing 2-3 groups a day can improve your ability to resist stress. Even if you suddenly need to face huge pressure, you will be able to withstand it!

Tip 2. Dive into the Music World

Many sis have the habit of listening to songs when they go out on the street. When they feel more and more stressed, they may change the rhythm of the music that contains vocals, drums, fast-paced, sad, or passionate music on the phone. Slow, without vocals, mainly guitar and piano, and even pure music with the sound of running water. Through music, the heartbeat and breathing rate are slowed down, the stress level is lowered, and the nerves are relaxed.

Music Recommendation: "Weightless" by Marconi Union

According to the joint creation of the British orchestra Marconi Union and the audio therapist, it combines guitar, piano, and other electronic elements with the sound of the natural environment. The pure music of just 8 minutes is praised by the British Academy of Sound Therapy as the most effective and relaxing The music can effectively condense the feeling of being in a weightless state, and then calm the nerves, relieve the rapid heartbeat caused by stress, and remove the stress for everyone in a short time.

Tip 3 Say bye-bye to the pressure through aromatherapy

Many aromatherapy essential oils extracted from plants are also very helpful for relieving stress. When the pressure is high, just pour a few drops of essential oil into the aromatherapy nebulizer or aromatherapy stove. The room will be filled with aroma so that your tense nerves can be relaxed.


Also known as the perfume tree, it has a sweet and strong aroma. The smell helps to stimulate adrenaline , relax the nerves , and calm emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recommendation:

Canvas Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Organic

Massage with base oil not only has the effect of relieving stress and calming the mind, but also can help sis to balance oil secretion, and then improve acne problems.



The smell is relatively mild, I believe most sis can accept it. It is used when sleeping, and the light lavender aroma will help you fall asleep. In addition, its aroma can also calm and stabilize emotions, relax nerves, and eliminate impetuousness.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recommendation:

Lavender Essential Oil Organic 

The aroma of lavender effectively calms the nerves and relieves insomnia and headaches caused by mental stress. In addition, the aroma can also relieve your sis's menstrual pain and discomfort, and relieve pain.


Stress is inevitable in Hong Kong, but as long as you start from daily life, you will not be defeated by stress!

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