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Q: Is there a difference between offline store purchase and online ordering?

A: Yes, member loyalty points and benefits would be applicable for offline store purchase only.


Q: Why are the prices of the products sold on Elegant Beauty lower than others?

A: Because Elegant Beauty's products are directly imported from the place of origin, which in most cases are lower prices than that in other countries or regions, and the goods are guaranteed genuine products.


Q: Are there any quality issues with the products that Elegant Beauty sells?

A: Most of Elegant Beauty's merchandise is imported directly from its place of origin. Just like shopping in a local department store and returning for sale, the source is the same as the local residents. Of course, there are also some quality issues in the company that are directly authorized by the general agent to sell the purchased goods.


Q: What are the shipping methods for online stores?

A: Express delivery or mailing is usually arranged. For details, please refer to "Delivery Service".


Q: Can I return it?

A: There is a 7-day return or exchange guarantee for goods from store shopping or online shopping. For details, please refer to "Return Policy".


Q: Can items be purchased on behalf of clients if they are not displayed on the website?

A: It depends on individual products. Most of the goods we re-stock regularly, out of stock is only a temporary issue. In the event of a customer in need of an individual product, we will try our best to cooperate. Usually, it takes a long time for the customer to order separately. Please welcome WhatsApp 91450441 or email enquiry@elegantbeauty.com.hk to check the replenishment date of the item.

If we still cannot answer your questions, please contact us at enquiry@elegantbeauty.com.hk