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Face Becomes More Oily in Summer? 3 Must-know Tips for Oil Control

Face Becomes More Oily in Summer? 3 Must-know Tips for Oil Control

Hong Kong is hot and scorching in summer, and it is easy to make facial oil explode. I believe that many sis have tried to finish the powder one moment ago, but their face is already shiny and helpless the next second. In fact, as long as you start with your daily diet and skincare routines, you can keep your face dry in summer.

Repel face oil with diet: hawthorn water

Chinese medicine believes that weakness of the spleen and stomach is one of the reasons for the surge of facial oil. Because the spleen is weak and the stomach is weak, the accumulated moisture in the body cannot be discharged, which will easily cause damp heat, and then make the face prone to oily, acne and acne hyperplasia. According to "Materia Medica Gangmu", hawthorn can help invigorate the spleen, whet the appetite and improve the digestive system, so it is very helpful for facial oil removal! It should be noted that because hawthorn will break the breath, you can not have too much in a day. And it is not suitable for pregnant women, people who have hyperacidity, elderly people, and sis who are weak after a serious illness.


The production method of hawthorn water is extremely simple, even Office can easily do it!
1) Prepare 15g of dried hawthorn and 500ml of hot water
2) Soak the hawthorn in hot water for 10-15 minutes
3) You can add an appropriate amount of sugar according to your personal taste, but remember not to use too much to avoid fattening
4) Remember not to drink too much, 1 to 2 cups a day is enough!

Replenish skin moisture and balance water-oil ratio

One of the main causes of excessive oil secretion is the lack of water on the facial skin. When the stratum corneum of the face is dry, the sebum line will automatically secrete oil to moisturize the skin, and at the same time cause facial oil problems. So to relieve the problem of face oil, sis, remember to start from the inside and outside to add moisture to the skin.

Tip 1. Moisturize the skin from within: Drink a moderate amount of water

Every sis must know the importance of drinking water for the skin. But if you drink too much, it will cause the body to lose electrolytes, minerals, and other important substances that lock water in the skin, which is counterproductive. Sis, at different stages, needs different amounts of water every day. You can refer to the following calculation method and then calculate how much water (mL) you need to drink a day according to your daily activity:

The daily water requirement of sis aged 16-30 (mL) = body weight (kg) x 35 to 40
sis of 31-54 years old = body weight (kg) x 30 to 35
sis at the age of 55-65 = body weight (kg) x 30
sis over 65 years old = body weight (kg) x 25

In addition, before getting up to go to the bathroom in the morning, the body has not yet officially functioned, and at the same time, it is in a state of dehydration. It is recommended that you sis drink a cup of warm water according to the time because the skin in a dehydrated state can absorb water most effectively, and at the same time, it can accelerate the blood circulation of the body.

Tip 2. Moisturize the skin from the outside: Use moisturizing products

Many sis that secrete a lot of oil on the face will choose powerful oil control products with high alcohol concentration, through alcohol to make the skin dry and delay oil secretion. However, dry and dehydrated skin actually leads to extra oil secretion. To relieve the problem of facial oil, sis remember to pay attention to the balance of water and oil. While controlling oil, it is necessary to add sufficient moisture to the skin.

Pay attention to the way you wash your face to avoid stimulating excessive oil secretion

Tip 1. Wash your face in moderation

Although washing our faces can take away the oil on the ground and refresh facial skin. If it is too frequent, it will wash away the necessary oil to protect the facial skin and then stimulate the skin to secrete more oil, making our skin shiny and full.

Tip 2. Avoid rubbing your skin too hard when washing your face

When washing the face, the direct friction between the hands and the face will not only stimulate the oil secretion of the skin, but also have a chance to damage the surface tissue of the skin and cause fine lines to proliferate. Therefore, in addition to using cleansing products with mild ingredients, it is also recommended that you use the palm of your hand or the foaming net to rub the cleanser until it foams before washing so as to reduce friction with the skin and prevent the skin from being irritated—excessive secretion of oil.

Cleansing product recommedation:

Canvas Facial Cleanser 

The gentle cleansing foam saves you extra foaming time. The aromatic citrus leaf in the ingredients can effectively maintain the water-oil balance of the skin. While controlling oil, it also replenishes moisture to the skin and improves the skin's water-locking power.

Tip 3. Exfoliate regularly

The oil secretion on the face will clog the pores, and then cause problems such as acne and dark spots. Therefore, in addition to washing the face with mild cleansing products daily, sis should also remember to use exfoliating products to remove the aging keratin on the skin regularly to maintain the tender skin.

Exfoliating products recommendation:

Perfect Potion Bare Faced Exfoliant 

Contains organic ingredients such as chamomile and sandalwood, which can effectively soften and remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and grease and dirt in the pores, preventing the formation of blackheads caused by clogged pores. The method of use is simple, mix 1 teaspoon of exfoliating powder with 1-2 teaspoons of water or floral water, then apply it on the whole face for 15 minutes, then gently massage in circular motions, and finally wash off with warm water.

The oily face often gives people an impression of being untidy. Of course, I understand the helplessness. I hope the above methods can help you solve the facial oil problem and enjoy a dry summer!

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