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Allklear Detox Future Salad, Green Shake Meal Replacement to Help You Lose Weight and Fat

Allklear Detox Future Salad, Green Shake Meal Replacement to Help You Lose Weight and Fat

Diet, nutrition and health are inseparable. Urbanites live a busy life and often go out to eat, which is rich in oil and salt, and lacks the nutrition of vegetables and fruits. Long-term insufficient intake of vegetables will lead to various health problems, such as unhealthy intestines and stomach, obstructed bowel movements, accumulation of toxins in the body, prone to acne and dark grains on the skin, etc.

Allklear has produced two types of future health food—the signature high-fiber new salad and the green "shake" meal replacement. The new high-fiber salad helps you detoxify and slim your body; the green "Shake" meal replacement can meet the nutritional needs of a meal, and solve the troubles of urbanites in a healthy way. A balanced diet is never difficult!

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Detox Future Salad


Allklear's Detox Future Salad extracts more than 10 kinds of vegetable and fruit essences with high technology. The dietary fiber content is equivalent to 5 bowls of salads. It preserves the most natural nutrition of raw materials, helps you detoxify easily, high-fiber slimming, promotes metabolism, and nourishes skin. , maintain the health of the heart, release the body and mind, and regain the new vitality of life from the inside out.

12 natural ingredients

1 pack of Allklear Detox Future Salad has more than 20 kinds of nutrients, and the dietary fiber content is equivalent to 5 bowls of salads, including wheat fiber, moringa leaves, spinach fiber, green tea, spirulina, guava, guar gum, green apple, Wheat grass, lemon, aloe vera and oligosaccharides.

A pack of Allklear Detox Future Salad can achieve the following six functions:

1. Rich nutrition

The ingredients are pure and natural, extracted from more than 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables, containing a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements, supplementing the nutrients that are not enough or not enough in general meals, and providing various health protection for the human body.

2. High fiber slim fit

Dietary fiber can absorb water and expand, which can increase the feeling of fullness, reduce the amount of food for the next meal, reduce calorie intake, and achieve slimming effect.

3. Easy detoxification

Allklear Full HD High Fiber New Salad is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, remove intestinal toxins, improve and prevent constipation and enhance intestinal health.

4. Promote metabolism

Allklear Full HD High Fiber New Salad contains antioxidants, polyphenols and trace elements, which can improve the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, and burn fat.

5. Skin care

The new high-fiber salad contains a variety of vitamins A, B, C, E, etc. Vitamins help to resist oxidation, inhibit free radicals in the body, and maintain skin elasticity. Vitamins also help to produce collagen, make the skin bright and lustrous, improve and prevent acne problems.

6. Supports Heart Health

The new high-fiber salad is rich in water-soluble fiber, which may help stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and maintain heart health.

Simple two-step brewing:

  1. Pour 1 packet of full-definition high-fiber powder into 250ml of warm water and mix well (avoid hot water)
  2. Stir the coagulated powder in the cup and drink immediately after blending. It is recommended to drink plenty of water.


  1. People with sensitive intestines can drink half a pack first.
  2. Do not drink alcohol two hours before and after taking it, so as not to affect the efficacy of the product.
  3. It is recommended that pregnant women, long-term patients and those who are taking prescription drugs consult a doctor before drinking this product.

Green "Shake" Meal Replacement


A green "shake" meal replacement contains more than 5 bowls of salad nutrition and fiber content. It is low in calories and calories, high in fiber and high in nutrition, meeting the nutritional needs of a meal, and a balanced and healthier diet. Rich in dietary fiber can greatly increase the feeling of fullness, and at the same time, it can isolate the absorption of sugar and oil, and also help to expel toxins and reduce weight, improve breath and skin problems.

A whole serving of Allklear Green "Shake" Meal Replacement is rich in nutrition

full stomach

Green "Shake" meal replacement contains flaxseed, chia seeds, new salad, rich in fiber can greatly reduce hunger. The chia seeds in it also provide Omega-3 to help lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides. Adding unsalted mixed nuts can increase satiety, indirectly reduce the amount of food for the next meal, and control calorie absorption.

Low calorie, low calorie, high fiber and high nutrition

Green "Shake" meal replacement ingredients are all natural and without additives. They are extracted from more than ten kinds of vegetables and fruits, and contain high-quality nutrients such as various vitamins and minerals and trace elements. A meal replacement has only 293 calories, but contains 16.6 grams of protein and 11 grams of dietary fiber. It is very suitable for people who are concerned about weight management and have a busy life without time to eat.

Preparation method: mix with different beverages to enjoy different tastes

  1. Mix a pack of new Detox Future Salad and a pack of "Magic Twin Seeds" with about 250ml of skimmed milk/sugar-free soy milk/oat milk/apple juice and drink.
  2. After drinking, eat a bag of salt mixed nuts. It is recommended to add more water afterwards.

during the day


Before exercising / when physical demands are high

Prepared with skimmed milk or oat milk, it is rich in vitamins and keeps you full, full of energy throughout the day.

Prepared with sugar-free soy milk, it increases the absorption of magnesium and soy isoflavones, which helps sleep and beauty. Made with apple juice, fructose provides the body with energy and boosts performance.



  1. If you need to consume other supplements, it is recommended to drink Green Shake Meal Replacement two hours later.
  2. It is recommended that long-term patients and those who are taking prescription drugs consult a doctor before drinking this product.
  3. Not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, please consult your doctor before use.

Quan Qing’s two health supplement drinks—the flagship high-fiber new salad and the new green “Ye” meal replacement are suitable for everyone who is busy with work or has no regular meals, often eats out, and eats less vegetables and fruits. A small packet is already rich in nutrients, supplementing the lack of vegetable and fruit nutrition and fiber in your daily life, slimming and improving body and skin problems at the same time.

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Join the ranks of healthy slimming together!

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