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About Us

about us


Thanks to all the support, Elegant Beauty has established since 2003. We are located in Central Crawford House.

We understand the importance of the natural beauty and skin health. Beauty is a major event for a lifetime. Therefore, while striving to expand its business, we have also continuously collected a series of quality and healthy skin care brands with fair prices. Due to many years of careful procurement; careful selection, to ensure that the excellent products from around the world, to bring the most reasonable price to our clients. The experienced beauty consultant upholds the sincere attitude of providing professional advice to the guests, eliminating the chattering hard-selling tactics, so that customers can choose the right skin care products for themselves in a comfortable and calm environment. 

In addition, in order to let the urban people put down the daily pressure and forget their worries, we have selected many high-quality skincare brands for treatment. In the future, we will carefully select more professional treatments to help you calm down and relax after a busy day. Feel like a home away from home, wash your body and mind, and face life in a relaxed and happy way.

Elegant Beauty is convinced that only excellent service and sincere attitude can we allow customers to enjoy the perfect beauty results.